Bromelia my way my style

In Brazil, where this plant grows in the wild, the Bromeliad is known as the “living fiesta”. Just what we were hoping for this summer. Add some spice and an instant burst of joy to your life with a Bromeliad. Indoors as well as outdoors on your balcony or terrace! The Bromeliad is a real survivor, thriving in the forests of Latin America and the rugged Andes range.

Not a greenhouse plant in other words. Combine Bromeliads in different colours, with different foliage and shapes for the best effect. You can put Bromeliads indoors and outside. They are very easy to care for. Just add some water to the tube and keep the soil moist so they will add some joy to your life with their lovely flowers. But be careful where you put them. While Bromeliads love the light, they hate full sun.




Keep your Bromeliad in shape

Here you will find out how you can pamper your Bromeliad. Good news for those of you who aren’t blessed with green fingers: the Bromeliad is practically care free!

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Meet the


Allow us to introduce the members of the Bromeliad family