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Want to add a burst of colour to your home? Why not consider a houseplant like the vibrant and dazzling Bromeliad? The Bromeliad is available in a wide range of varieties and colours. You might find it difficult to settle on a choice, but why choose… Can you think of anything more wonderful than combining various varieties such as Ananas, Guzmania, Tillandsia or Aechmea?

The stunning shapes, the distinctive veining on the leaves and the lush colours often inspire people to touch these plants: are they actually real? They most definitely are. The Bromeliad is all natural. And did you know that these beauties are tough as nails and easy to care for? What’s more, they also improve the air quality in your house. So why not pick up one for your florist or nursery straight away? You can buy Bromeliads all year round there.

Bromelia verzorging

Keep your Bromeliad in shape

Here you will find out how you can pamper your Bromeliad. Good news for those of you who aren’t blessed with green fingers: the Bromeliad is practically care free!

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Bromeliads help you express your personal style, but what is your style?

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