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Spring has sprung, so why not add a Bromeliad to your home? The Latina of houseplants is flamboyant, upbeat and resilient. What’s more, you’ll find that she vastly improves the air quality in your home. Add an exotic feel to your home with this statement plant and with its tempestuous colouring and shapes. Your house will sparkle when you combine these houseplants with vibrant colours, stripes and patterns.

Does that feel a little over the top to you? You can tone down the colour scheme by combining several Bromeliads in one colour with soothing background colours. A Bromeliad will bloom three to six months. And it doesn’t require a lot of care. In fact, Bromeliads are very easy-going.

Bromelia verzorging

Keep your Bromeliad in shape

Here you will find out how you can pamper your Bromeliad. Good news for those of you who aren’t blessed with green fingers: the Bromeliad is practically care free!

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Allow us to introduce the members of the Bromeliad family

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Bromeliads help you express your personal style, but what is your style?

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The artist Cédric Laquieze discovered the Bromeliad family…
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